Discover all you need to know about all the short acting contraceptive methods available to you.


Short Acting Contraceptives are a category of contraception methods which are highly effective in protecting you against unplanned pregnancies. To make them work best they have to be used in short time intervals from single use (e.g. the condom), daily intake (e.g. the pill) to up to 3 monthly application (e.g. injectable contraceptives). Methods of this contraceptive category require you to think about using or taking them regularly or each time you have sex. Moreover all of these methods can be used for many years in a row.

They are reversible, meaning that once you stop using them the contraceptive effect wears off quickly and women can become pregnant as rapidly as those ones who have used no contraceptive at all.

Explore the methods below and make sure you discuss anything that interests you with your partner and healthcare provider.

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