Discover all you need to know about each of the long acting reversible contraceptive methods available to you.


Long Acting Reversible Contraception is a term used to describe methods of contraception which are highly effective in protecting a woman from getting pregnant for an extended period of time. They are the most effective reversible methods of contraception because they do not depend on you remembering to take or use them to be effective.
Both hormonal implant and intrauterine methods are available for long acting protection, and are highly effective in keeping you pregnancy free for up to 3, 5 or 10 years, depending on the method. They are reversible, meaning that once you stop using them the contraceptive effect wears off quickly and women can become pregnant as rapidly as those ones who have used no contraceptive at all.

Explore all the methods below and make sure you discuss anything that interests you with your partner and healthcare provider.

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