Here are a couple of basic things to remember for when you decide to seek advice from anyone about contraception.

Be assured.

Don’t be embarrassed. Sex is a normal part of life and talking about contraception shows you are taking responsible steps to protect yourself and take charge of your own life

Be informed.

Take some time to do your research. While you will never have all of the answers, knowing what you are talking about will give you more confidence.

Be honest.

No one can give you sound advice if they don’t know the full situation. This rings especially true for your healthcare provider, so admit your past, your needs, and concerns, and you’ll get the best solutions for you.

How to talk about it with your parents

Yes, it’s possible to talk to them about sex. Remember, they’ve been through it too

Remember that your parents, no matter how much you don’t want to think about it, had and probably still have(!) sex. Ask about their experiences and for their advice. They not only care for you, they’ve also been through the whole thing before, so ask questions and listen carefully to what they have to say.

One word of advice? Before you broach the topic, know how much or how little you’re prepared to share with your parents. You know them best so this is your call to make. Sometimes it might be easier to use a friend as an example, “Julia and her boyfriend are talking about having sex. What do you think about that?” is a good way of testing the water if you aren’t comfortable talking about yourself straight away.