Here are a couple of basic things to remember for when you decide to seek advice from anyone about contraception.

Be assured.

Don’t be embarrassed. Sex is a normal part of life and talking about contraception shows you are taking responsible steps to protect yourself and take charge of your own life.

Be informed.

Take some time to do your research. While you will never have all of the answers, knowing what you are talking about will give you more confidence.

Be honest.

No one can give you sound advice if they don’t know the full situation. This rings especially true for your healthcare provider, so admit your past, your needs, and concerns, and you’ll get the best solutions for you.

How to talk about it with your doctor

Your doctor knows the subject better than anyone. Learn how to find the right answers for you

Talking about sex can be difficult and understandably even more so with someone who’s technically a stranger. It helps to remember that your doctor has almost certainly heard whatever you are going to say a million times before, so just be honest. Honesty really is the key to getting the best care and making the best decisions.

Before you speak with your doctor, make sure you’re prepared with the questions you want to ask, the concerns you want explained, and that you’re prepared with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your visit. Below is a quick checklist for you to make sure you’re fully prepared.

  • Your period

  • Your doctor will probably ask about your last period so write down the date and any other details if you have concerns in this area.
  • Medication(s)

  • Make a list of any medication you regularly take with the name, dosage, frequency etc.
  • Your questions

  • Write any questions you want to ask down so you don’t forget to ask them.